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Mudia Web Developer has been in a retrospective mood about Web frameworks. I tried so many. Each one, a fresh start and I was convinced that this was the one, here my search would produce a working Web framework with which I grooved.

I could go through the list. You probably have been there yourself. I like them all. Perl in the cgi-bin, PHP, Java servlets, HTML::Mason, Director Shockwave, Flash, Drupal, WordPress, Ruby-on-Rails, and a wiki, After all that... I might have been best to have just shelled in to the server and written hand-crafted HTML webpages.

I admit that it was kind of silly to learn all that technology and then move on. But, this time is different, because I am limiting the use of Apache2 webserver to just local servers. On the big screen, there is a new stack in towne.

And, with this new Web Framework, I feel like it is 1994 all over again, dreams of hypertext, a New Day's Browser.

With change, the small jolt of a new idea whose time has come, just a webserver, a webserver built using Node.js, to serve up inquiring systems.

The web development that I have been doing on the Node.js platform has been such a great paradigm shift for me. The central topic that has really captured my attention involved learning about Event Loops. The concept is so barebones and simple pure, and it shocked me out of my complacey in my search for a web frameworks.

There is plenty of technology connected to Node.js. There is so much new technology to learn and many "rabbit holes" of subtopics in which to explore (like containerization and isomorphic javascript), but I keep coming back to this big change for me, this Event Loop, that is a running Node webserver.

This feature (an Event Loop) is going to change web development and expand the boundaries of what is possible in the browser. As you can read, the Web technology has me invigorated once again.

Meanwhile, there is plenty to learn, and plenty to code and, lots of work just to learn what I want to learn (if you know what I mean). It is fun to think about Node.js webservers, because they are such a great tool for helping us achieve the Mudia Web Developer goal to make hypertext experiences guided by the patterns of inquiring systems..

Meanwhile, sorting it all together, here is a collection of hyperlinks about node.js and npm, and plenty of related topics.

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Node.js is a framework that is suited for building webservers. Node.js enables javascript on the server-side, which is interesting because there is so much technology for javascript on the browser-side.

  spirit of npm

NPM is a package manager for node, from which emerges an ecosystem of Node.js programmers and modules.